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Tayyiba Tamim

“Would 100% recommend.”

Extremely useful especially their guidance videos and small tips to cope with exam stress. Would 100% recommend!

Tayyiba Tamim - (O Levels)


“I’m studying for Commerce privately using your lectures.”

I chose commerce as an extra subject recently (end of year 2). I plan to appear for its exam in the Oct/Nov 2024 session as I don't want to drag it till 2025. The videos here are a big help. I’m studying for it privately using your lectures. Really easy. Thank you

Ahmed - O Levels (Commerce)

Abdul Sami

“Use OutClass if you want to be a self learner.”

I’m an IGCSE student studying in Belgravia H. School. I recommend Out Class to anyone who wants to prepare for GCE exams from home. The course is really easy to follow and complete on your own.

Abdul Sami - (IGCSE)


“Simply a better method of learning!”

As a teacher and a mother, I think Outclass provides a much better method of learning. My daughter watches the lesson videos a day before school and has been going to class prepared and confident!

Avatnika - (IGCSE)

Amin K.

“Much better than other tutors. My family is relieved.”

I understood all the concepts and it was easy to watch lessons in a sequence. Enjoyed the Physics course the most. Very good value for money

Amin K. - (IGCSE)

Ahmar Hamid

“Much needed tutoring support in Riyadh.”

My son was having trouble with IGCSE Maths. He needs to give SAT too in a few months so we needed to get his maths concepts clear. All other options for tuition in Riyadh were expensive for us. Out-class has been extremely affordable with very competent teachers. Very satisfied with our son’s progress.

Ahmar Hamid - (IGCSE)

Abdul Rehman

“Outclass team brilliant work.”

We live in Manchester but my daughter will be appearing for exams in Pakistan in 2024. Enrolled her in Pak Studies and Islamiat course. She is very comfortable with her progress.

Abdul Rehman - (O Levels)

Muhammad K.

“Prompt and supportive tutor chat.”

I had a great experience at Out-class. My questions answered instantly with the chat feature.

Muhammad K. - (IGCSE)

Farhan Rashid

“Made accounting fun for someone who doesn't like numbers.”

The course is great, topic wise videos are the way to go. Sir Haseeb is amazing. You guys have made accounting fun for a student like me who doesn't like numbers.

Farhan Rashid - O Levels (Accounting)

Hussain W.

“Phenomenal Maths course.”

First i was very nervous and scared about my o levels maths especially but i got recommended this phenomenal maths course by outclass through social media and i have to say it has helped me ALOT! Sir usman is a true maths genius and his teaching techniques are out of this world.

Hussain W. - (IGCSE)


“Excellent home tutoring option in Doha.”

Provided a solid foundation for our daughter's IGCSE preparation for maths and sciences.

Omar - (IGCSE)

Khubaib Ali

“You have made math so simple.”

It’s unbelievable MashAllah. You have made math so simple and easy to understand. The best thing is that you start from the very basic level, I guess grade 3, which strengthens the concepts to their core

Khubaib Ali - (IGCSE)

Noorya A.

“My daughter has become more independent in her studies.”

my name is noorya and my daughter goes to lgs 55 main. we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the website and the ease of navigation. we listened to all the free lectures. we ended up subscribing for 3 subjects to begin with. the subjects are covered from an exam point of view with emphasis on how to solve papers. the lectures are engaging with lots of graphics, tables, maps etc. teachers are well versed, experienced and engaging. my daughter listens to the lectures, takes notes. for revision purposes she puts it on a 1.25 or 1.5 speed to quickly go through the topic. the subjects are broken down into chapters and sub chapters so it's easy to go to a particular topic and listen again. my daughter has become more independent in her studies and always goes back to the lectures for better understanding. best of all it is at a fraction of the cost. would highly recommend it.

Noorya A. - (IGCSE)

Kisa Batool

“It’s like I have a brick wall to support me.”

Really enjoying this Chemistry course. I feel like I've got a brick wall to support me throughout my learning journey. That too in such a short period of time.

Kisa Batool - O Levels (Chemistry)

Mahrukh B.

“Me and my friends love your website.”

You guys came to my school and I got to know about Outclass. I am enrolled in Miss Shazia’s Chem course and Miss Fatema’s bio course. Both are very helpful. Pls add notes too

Mahrukh B. - (O Levels)


“Excellent service.”

Excellent service by a team of dedicated teachers. 4 stars from my side. Thanks!

Arham - (IGCSE)

Sofia Ibad

“Excellent tutoring option for expats in Dubai.”

I must say Outclass is a timely addition for expats tuition problems. It is a must-have for any expat students looking for home tutoring in Dubai. Their teachers are highly qualified from top colleges and teach in our local language.

Sofia Ibad - (IGCSEs)

Tabish A.

“Your Pak Studies course got me an A*”

The Pak studies course was really helpful for me. Ms Samreen teaches like no other, and explained how to tackle key questions so well. Solving 5 years of past papers on my own also helped.

Tabish A. - (O Levels)

Ahmed M.

“Would highly recommend. Much better than expensive tutors.”

Excellent online learning website. My son (14yr) and daughter (16yr) both enrolled and very satisfied.

Ahmed M. - (IGCSE, SAT)

Aisha & Umair

“Great for IGCSE exam prep.”

It was difficult finding IGCSE tutoring that was affordable and aligned with our educational standards. Great work by outclass. Comprehensive coverage of IGCSE curriculum. And very structured course.

Aisha & Umair - (UK IGCSE)


“Excellent home tutoring option for GCSE.”

My family moved to dubai last year. My school is nice (Safa British School) but I still needed tuition for Physics, Chem and Maths. Your lessons have really helped me. I watch at 1.25 speed to quickly revise the topic before tests.

Anaya - (IGCSE UK)

Maria Samoo

“Detailed information on every topic of each subject.”

An amazing website that has detailed information on every topic of each subject. A reliable source of education for students. Would totally recommend it.

Maria Samoo - (IGCSE)


“Very affordable and helpful.”

Provided a solid foundation for our daughter's IGCSE preparation for maths and sciences.

Sadaf - (IGCSE)

Wajiha Khan

“I highly recommend it.”

For someone who has been struggling to find a good tutor who is willing to impart knowledge as opposed to a half an hour transactional session, i have found out-class to be a highly structured and interactive platform. i have enrolled my son in 2 courses and he finds the lessons helpful and engaging.

Wajiha Khan - (O Levels)

Rafay Salem

“Great platform for students preparing for exams.”

Out class is a great platform for students preparing for exams, the lectures available are very detailed and insightful. They’ve included past papers and exam solving walkthrough videos which are v-helpful

Rafay Salem - (IGCSE)

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