Top 5 ECAT Tips for Scoring for High Marks

 Want to score well on the ECAT entry test exam? Want to increase your chances of getting admitted to top engineering universities? Well, we hear you! Here are top 5 tips which will aid you for your entry test prep as well as for scoring well in your ECAT exam:

  1. Plan Your Studies
    One of the most critical aspects of ECAT preparation is planning your studies. Create a study plan for all ECAT topics - divide your time wisely and give more attention to difficult topics. You can also use Out-Class to access pre-made study plans.
  2. Get the Right Study Material
    Make sure to use textbooks and study guides that cover all the topics. Additionally, online resources such as Khan Academy, and Out-Class can help you revise topics and get a better understanding of the subject matter. Out-Class also offers a vast library of video lectures, notes, diagnostic tests and practice questions that are designed specifically for ECAT. 
  3. Practice Past Papers
    Solving past papers will give you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the ECAT exam and help you identify your weak areas. You can also find past papers and practice questions on Out-Class, which come with detailed explanations and solutions.
  4. Join a Study Group
    Joining a study group can be highly beneficial for ECAT preparation. You can discuss difficult concepts with your peers, exchange study material, and get valuable feedback on your progress. You can join the Out-Class community, which offers a platform for students to interact with their peers and ask questions from experienced instructors.
  5. Use Out-Class
    Out-Class is an online learning platform that offers a comprehensive solution for ECAT preparation. The platform provides video lectures, notes, practice questions, and mock tests that are designed specifically for the ECAT exam. Moreover, the instructors on Out-Class are highly experienced and are available to answer any questions you may have. By using Out-Class, you can save time and effort by accessing all the study material you need in one place.


In conclusion, preparing for ECAT requires careful planning, the right study material, regular practice, and staying motivated. By following these tips and using Out-Class, you can increase your chances of scoring higher and well on the entry test exam. Remember, the key to success is consistent hard work and determination. Good luck!

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