Importance of Pakistan's Objective Resolution 1949

by Mashal Rizvi

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The Objective Resolution of 1949, sounds pretty scary right? But don’t worry we’re here to help you digest it. 

The Importance of Objective Resolution 1949 of Pakistan, is simply put the foundational constitutional document that outlined the guiding principles and objectives for the newly created state of Pakistan. The Islamic conception of a “Charter of Objectives” is called Qaraardad-e-Maqasid. It outlines the key principles and aims of Islamic law (Shariah) that promote justice, fairness, and human welfare. It stresses that Islamic law should be understood and implemented in a way that is consistent with these objectives and the broader improvement of society.


What is the Objective Resolution of Pakistan?

It is the primary document to date. It guides the constitutional and ideological framework of Pakistan. It provided a clear direction for the country's future development and governance. 

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When was the Objective Resolution passed?

On March 12, 1949, the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan passed the Objective Resolution of Pakistan. The resolution, which was presented by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, highlighted the values of democracy, equality and freedom.

Main Points of the Objective Resolution

The importance and main points of the Objective Resolution of 1949 can be understood in several ways:

Islamic Identity: 

One of the main aims and objectives of the establishment of Pakistan was to clearly define Pakistan as an Islamic state, ensuring that Islamic traditions and values would be central to the country's legal and political systems. This was very important for a nation that was created to provide a homeland for Muslims in South Asia.


Unity and Identity:

If we question the importance of the Objective Resolution of Pakistan, it also comes down to national unity and the preservation of the distinct cultural and religious identity of Muslims. It aims to promote a sense of national identity among diverse ethnic and linguistic groups, which might not be the case in reality. 


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Democratic Values: 

While emphasizing the Islamic nature of the state, the Objective Resolution 1949 also recognized the principles of democracy and the rights of citizens. It aimed to create a democratic and just society where the rule of law would prevail.



The importance of the objective resolution of 1949 was to serve as the preamble to Pakistan's first constitution, which was adopted in 1956 and has been used again and again. It provided the guiding principles which influenced the subsequent development of Pakistan's law.


Debate and Consensus:

The passage of the Objective Resolution 1949, which we have all seen thousands of times, in reality, involved extensive debates and discussions in Pakistan's Constituent Assembly. Thus, it represented a consensus among political leaders of the time on the country's fundamental principles and allowed them to unify. 



To summarize, the Objective Resolution of 1949 is a foundational constitutional document for Pakistan. It defined the nation's Islamic identity, promoted unity among diverse groups, upheld democratic values, and served as the preamble to Pakistan's first constitution. This resolution was a result of extensive debates and represented a consensus among political leaders, guiding the nation's principles and objectives.

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