O Level & IGCSE Private Candidates Guidebook

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

Appearing as an O Level or IGCSE private candidate can be intimidating, to say the least. Without the support of a school, it may seem like an uphill road. This is why we have compiled this short O Level private candidates & IGCSE private candidates guidebook to help you through every step.

Step #1: IGCSE & O Level private candidate registration process:

Know your application deadlines:

O Level private candidate & IGCSE private candidate registration dates vary from session to session. Try to register at least two months in advance to avoid last-minute hassle and stress. We have included application dates for the October/November 2023 session below for your reference:

  • Normal Stage: Monday 07 August, 2023

  • Late Stage / Retakes Candidates: Tuesday 08 August, 2023 to Tuesday, 05 September, 2023

  • Visit this link for the updated timelines before the May/June 2024 session.

  • Note: Payments for O Level private candidate application as well as the IGCSE private application made after the deadline will be subject to extra late fees by the British Council.

Complete the Online IGCSE & O Level Private Candidate Application:

  • You can access the O Level & IGCSE private candidates application form through this link.

  • Follow the instructions as they appear

Email info@britishcouncil.org.pk if you have any questions or queries about the application

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How much does an IGCSE & O Level private application cost:

O Level & IGCSE private candidates cost:

O Level & IGCSE private candidates application cost depends on the test centre you choose.

  • The total cost includes the base exam fee + additional administrative charges of the test centre.

  • You can view the cost after choosing a test centre in the online application.

The cost also varies upon the IGCSE & O Level private candidate subjects you have chosen to give in that year.

Make your payment for IGCSE & O level private candidate registration:

Payment for O Level & IGCSE Private Candidates can be made in many ways. 

Offline methods:

  • Bank draft payable to British Council

  • Bank deposit through one of the designated Standard Chartered Bank branches

There is also a facility for online payments:

  • ATM

  • Interbank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

The virtual bank account number for online payments will be made available to you when you fill the online application.


Step # 2: Ready your documents and materials

Well before the exam, ensure that you have all the required documents. We list some of the important ones below:

  • CNIC (or Smart Card if you are under 18)

  • Statement of Entry 

Additionally, read the guidelines on your statement of entry and the guidelines set by your test centre. Some important things to note are:

  • You must carry a clear stationery bag during the exam

  • Backpacks are not allowed inside the hall so make arrangements to leave them outside

  • Confirm whether your calculator model is allowed for the exam (most exams prohibit graphing calculators)

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Step # 3: Prepare for the unknown

Our O Level & IGCSE private candidates guidebook wouldn’t be complete without this section. Read below to find out how to deal with special circumstances.

In case of Illness:

If you have symptoms of cough, flu or serious illness near your exam, do not worry. You may apply for an exemption:

If your request is approved, you can still receive a grade for the missed component if you appear in at least one other component of that subject.

Special Access Arrangements:

If you have a disability or require special arrangements in either paper-based or practical exams, you can request Cambridge International to accommodate you.

  • Fill out this special access arrangements form and submit it to the British Council

  • Important note: The deadline for special arrangements is four to five months earlier than the actual exams. Follow this link for the updated deadline.

Step #4 How to check results for O Level private candidates

The following shows the process of how to check results for O Level private candidates as well as for IGCSE private candidates.

  • Online results usually arrive six weeks after the exam session. Access them by logging in here

  • Later, the certificate of results for O Level & IGCSE private candidate results will be sent to your home address

  • Sometimes, the certificate is sent to a pickup point specified by the British Council.


So, there it is! These four steps will have you covered as an O Level & IGCSE private candidate. And you will realize after the hectic registration process, that it’s all smooth sailing till your exams. Study effectively during this time, don’t doubt yourself, and give it your best. Good luck!

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