Should I Opt for Additional Mathematics in O Levels?

by Mashal Rizvi

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Is Choosing Additional Mathematics for O Level the Right Decision

This is perhaps one of the trickiest decisions to make, deciding if you hate O Level Math or don’t. Is there any scope for further math, is the teacher good, how will I manage, will I have to take academies, will my family be okay with it, will I get a grade, is it the same as A Level Math? And the list is endless. 

There are a thousand things that go on in one’s mind.

But that’s what we’re here for! 

To condense all those thousands of questions into one easy article. Of course, we are in no way deciding for you, but just giving you everything you need to be cognizant of, in one nice place. 


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Is Add Math O Level for you?

Deciding about Add Math O Level can be complex. Suppose you want to study History at the university level. Do you need to take O Level Further Maths? The answer is no. Simply because Add Maths O Level skills are not required for applying to History courses. 

But then who should consider taking Add Maths O Level? If you are interested in pursuing Engineering or Biotechnology or Natural Sciences or Medicine or just Mathematics, then you might want to take Add Maths O Level

Here are some possible pros and cons of learning this subject:


  • If you’re into O Level Math, you’ll explore some fascinating topics such as complex numbers, matrices, calculus, and vectors, making Math O Levels syllabus easier for you.

  • You will have an advantage over other students who only take Math O Levels syllabus, as you will be more ready for courses that require a lot of mathematics at university. 

  • Add Math is known for its challenging problem-solving nature. Just going into those O Level Add Maths past papers will significantly improve your logical thinking and sharpen your brain. 

  • Just a simple passion man. If you have a genuine interest in math, solving all sorts of long O Level Add Math past papers gives you satisfaction, then by all means Additional Math O Level is for you. 


  • You will definitely need to devote a lot more time and effort to studying O Level Add Math. The Add Maths O Level syllabus is definitely not a breeze. 
  • You might require a lot more self-motivation. O Level students really have a demanding workload.  
  • You have to balance your further math studies with your other subjects and be very sure you do not ignore them. 
  • You will need to consider whether further math is relevant and useful for your future plans, more than often it might not be. 



In conclusion, the decision to opt for Additional Mathematics O Level can be complex, with various factors to consider. It's essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. If you have a genuine passion for Math and plan to pursue Math-intensive fields at university, O Level Add Math is for you, providing you with a competitive advantage and enhancing problem-solving skills. However, be prepared to invest extra time, effort, and self-motivation, and ensure you balance it with your other subjects. Ultimately, evaluate whether Add Math O Level aligns with your future goals and aspirations before making your decision.


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Q. Do I need to take Add Math O Level if I want to study History at the university level?

No, Add Maths O Level is not required for History courses at the university level. It is typically needed for fields, such as Engineering, Biotechnology, Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Mathematics.


Q. Who should consider taking Add Math O Level?

If you have an interest in pursuing subjects like Engineering, Biotechnology, Natural Sciences, Medicine, or Mathematics, then taking Add Maths O Level can be beneficial for you.


Q. What are some advantages of studying Add Math O Level?

You'll explore fascinating topics like complex numbers, matrices, calculus, and vectors, which can also make the Math O Levels syllabus easier. You'll be better prepared for university courses that require extensive mathematics.

Add Math is known for its challenging problem-solving nature, improving logical thinking and sharpening your brain. If you have a genuine passion for math, the satisfaction of solving complex problems can be a motivating factor.


Q. What are some challenges I might face if I choose to study Add Math O Level?

Add Maths O Level syllabus is demanding and requires significant time and effort. Self-motivation is crucial as O Level students already have a demanding workload. Balancing Add Math studies with other subjects can be challenging, and neglecting other subjects should be avoided.

Consider whether further math aligns with your future plans, as it may not always be relevant or necessary. 


Q. What factors should I consider when deciding whether to take Add Math O Level?

Evaluate your passion and genuine interest in O Level Math. Consider your future academic and career goals, especially if they involve math-intensive fields. Assess your ability to manage the additional workload and stay self-motivated. Balance your decision with other subjects and ensure you do not neglect them.

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