90 Days to Class-10 O Levels

Elite education in Pakistan has entered an interesting crossroads. Most schools in this echelon follow the University of Cambridge’s O Level system to get their students their first official schooling diploma. However, most parents who pay the exorbitant tuition fees for these experiences have no experience themselves with O Levels. In the absence of robust parent-teacher-school communication channels, the massive information gaps around information related to exams are filled by friends, especially those who have successfully completed these exams.

The experience of 2020, where almost all such “older and experienced” students were unable to sit for their exams, has led to a chasm in this information chain. Questions such as “How do I study for the Pakistan Studies History or Geography exam?”, and “Do you have notes for O’ levels Urdu and Islamiyat?”, have turned to “Will we have exams?” and “What are you doing to prepare for exams now that we haven’t had classes in almost a year?” The level of paralyzing anxiety this is causing 14, 15 year-olds we spoke to is unconscionable. 

With 90 days left to the first set of Urdu, Pakistan Studies, and Islamiyat, we recommend students do the following:

  • Obtain 10 years of past papers (solved) for Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat and Urdu. Please click here for free access
  • Solve a daily past paper -- which makes it 20 exams for each subject
  • Make sure past paper practice sessions are timed, and in examination settings
  • Take a 30 minute break and then check your answers
  • Revise answers for every single question you get wrong each time from the textbook, keeping an accompanying notebook for each subject
  • Make notes of all key concepts, common mistakes, recurring past paper questions, and important definitions
  • Before exam day, revise all key concepts, common mistakes, recurring past paper questions and important definitions

Even students who have not begun preparing yet have enough time. No one needs to go to tuitions or academies or tuition centres. Just get your past papers, start practising, and start checking. If you need help along the way, be sure to write to us at support@out-class.org

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