5 Step Guide to Physics Syllabus O Level 2024

by Taha Cheema

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Physics is about questioning, studying, and probing nature. You probe, and, if you’re lucky, you get strange clues.” – Lene Hau


If you are overwhelmed by the O Level Physics syllabus 2024 or are simply looking for some direction to get started with your O Level preparation online, look no further. We here at Out-Class have prepared this ultimate, easy-to-follow guide to get you right on track!


5 Steps To Follow for O Level Physics 2024:

  1. Step #1: Understand the Physics Syllabus (O Level 2024)

  2. Step #2: Use the Most Effective O Level Physics Books

  3. Step #3: Dive into O-Level Physics Past Papers

  4. Step #4: Get Familiar with the O-Level Physics Specimen Paper

  5. Step #5: Remember the O Level Physics Code


Step #1: Understand the Physics Syllabus (O Level 2024)

The first rule of success is knowing what you’re up against. By familiarizing yourself with the Physics syllabus (O Level 2024), you’ll be able to plan and create a preparation roadmap.

List of O-Level Physics Chapters:

  1. Motion, Forces and Energy

  2. Thermal Physics

  3. Waves

  4. Electricity and Magnetism

  5. Nuclear Physics

  6. Space Physics


*MOST Challenging Chapters for O Level Students: ‘Motion, Forces and Energy, ‘Waves’, and ‘Electricity and Magnetism’. Moreover, Space Physics is newly introduced to the O Level Physics syllabus, so don’t forget to read up on it!


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Step #2: Use the Most Effective O Level Physics Books

You can find numerous O Level Physics books in Pakistan. These can be an excellent resource to build a deeper understanding of the subject. 


Class Lectures Cannot Substitute For A Good Book!

The reason for this is simple, lectures are a compressed version of the content. O Level Physics is all about practice. A good book can help you try your hand at different kinds of problems and solidify key concepts

*Pro Tip: Use social media as a way to revise past papers and O Level Physics notes such as a Physics formula cheatsheet.


Our Recommended O-Level Physics Books:

  • Cambridge O Level Physics - Hodder Education

  • Cambridge IGCSE™ Physics Study and Revision Guide Third Edition - Hodder Education

The first one is endorsed by Cambridge as the primary textbook whereas the second one is good for final revision before the O Level Physics exam.


Step #3: Dive into O-Level Physics Past Papers

The reality is that you can only get so far with concepts. Many O Level Physics students mention that their concepts are solid but they struggle with problem-solving or attempting CAIE questions. Thorough O Level past paper practice and understanding command words can help remedy this shortcoming! 


O Level Physics Topical Past Papers:

O Level topical past papers are certainly the way to go when you’re starting your O Level preparation. After completing a chapter, attempt a mix of P1 and P2 questions from that chapter. This can be especially useful if you want to focus on improving a specific chapter that you find challenging. Another tip would be to utilize Physics formula cheatsheet as a reminder for required formulas.


Find Answers When You’re Stuck 

While practicing the O Level past papers, one can easily get stuck on some problems. When you encounter such problems, look at the marking scheme

The mark schemes for all O Level Physics past papers are available online and detail the way marks are awarded for each question. We advise sticking to these instead of using 3rd party solved past papers or O Level Physics past papers with answers.



Step #4: Get Familiar with the O-Level Physics Specimen Paper

Specimen papers are sample versions of upcoming exams. These give you an idea of the format and a feel for the type of command words and questions you can expect in the 2024 exams.

Since Space Physics is a relatively new addition to the syllabus, the O Level Physics Specimen Paper might have practice questions for it that you won’t find in earlier O Level past papers!


Step #5: Remember the O Level Physics Code

Every subject in the O Level has a unique syllabus code. The code for O Level Physics is 5054. You will need this code for the following:



In summary, by clearly understanding the Physics syllabus O Level 2024 and being equipped with the best books and O Level past paper resources, you are all set to ace your exams. 

Remember, Physics is more than just memorization. If you need some additional guided help to master the right techniques and prepare for O Level online, find our O Level Physics crash course here!


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