A Complete Guide on COMSATS NTS Entry Test


Get ready for your admission journey at COMSATS University! Understanding the exam format is key to securing your spot. Let's dive in!

Understanding the Exam Format

To get into COMSATS, also known as Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South, it is crucial that a candidate understands the curriculum and appears for the National Aptitude Test (NAT), conducted by NTS (National Testing Service).

It is compulsory to appear for the NTS NAT Exam to get into any degree programme at COMSATS, without the NTS test your form will not be considered for the merit list.

COMSATS Entry Test Pattern



Curriculum for NTS NAT™-IE (Pre-Engineering Group)

Total No of Questions = 90, Time Allowed = 120 minutes

TopicsNumber of QuestionsPercentages
A: English2022.2
A1: Sentence Completion5 
A2: Analogy3 
A3: Antonym4 
A4: Comprehension5 
A5: Synonym3 
B: Analytical2022.2
B1: Scenario Based12 
B2: Statements Based8 
C: Quantitative2022.2
C1: Arithmetic13 
C2: Algebra4 
C3: Geometry3 
D: Subject (Pre-Engineering Group)3033.4
D1: Physics10 
D2: Chemistry10 
D3: Mathematics10 


Tips and Tricks for NTS NAT:

To increase your chances of getting admission, it is recommended to take the NAT exam multiple times. Even if you are a high-achieving student with 90% marks, it is advised to appear in the NTS NAT exam at least twice to maximize your score.

The best strategy is to take the NTS NAT exam in December/January for the first time while you are in FSc Part-II. This way, you will have enough time to prepare again if you don't achieve the required marks. Additionally, you will have sufficient time to appear in the NAT exam two more times before the admission deadlines of major universities. This approach allows you to make the most of your opportunities and improve your chances of securing admission.


How to Prepare for the Entry Test?

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