ECAT Vs FUNGAT - Which One Should You Choose

by Rayan Khan

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ECAT Vs. FUNGAT - The National Confusion

From the day FSc (Intermediate) students get free from exams to start thinking about their desired universities, one entrenched question pops up in almost every student conversation: how to choose between ECAT and FUNGAT?

Unfortunately, what should be a straightforward decision has become a complicated matter, thanks to the many tuition academies that profit from this national confusion. What's worse, making an uninformed decision between ECAT and FUNGAT can significantly alter the trajectory of your life for the worse. 

Given the heart-wrenching stories we hear from current engineers about the lack of guidance they received about ECAT and FUNGAT and how it adversely impacted their careers, we’ve decided to settle this debate once and for all.

It’s time to jump right in.


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ECAT and FUNGAT - What do they actually mean?


ECAT stands for “Engineering Colleges Admissions Test” which is an MCQ-based entry test taken by engineering students seeking admission into most public or private engineering universities in Pakistan that are affiliated with the University of Engineering and Technology (UET). This entry test is a prerequisite for admission to BE and BS Engineering programs. 

How many MCQs does ECAT have?

ECAT has 100 MCQs divided into four sections

  • 30 MCQs from Physics, 

  • 30 MCQs from Chemistry/Computer Science, 

  • 30 MCQs from Mathematics, 

  • 10 MCQs from English.

    Students have 100 minutes (1hr 40 min) to complete the entire test - exactly one minute per question. Remember that ECAT is GENERIC in nature- the same ECAT score is accepted by many engineering universities for admissions.



FUNGAT (FAST, UET, NUST, and GIKI College Admission Test) is DIFFERENT for every engineering university conducting it. While it has many similarities with the ECAT (another reason for the prevalent confusion), it has additional sections dedicated to Quantitative Reasoning and Engineering Mathematics.   

Here’s a simple equation to help you understand this:

The difference between FUNGAT and ECAT entry test is explained in this image by Out-Class, an online exam prep platform.

It’s important to keep in mind that the term FUNGAT has not been coined officially and has only become popular over time. Thus, it is by no means a single test. 

Rather, it refers to the different individual university exams conducted by specific engineering universities in a way that clubs them together for easy communication. It’s so much easier to say “I’m preparing for FUNGAT” than to say “I’m preparing for the College Admission Tests of FAST, UET, NUST, and GIKI”.  

 Now, let's take a look at which top universities require ECAT or FUNGAT: 


Top Universities that require ECAT:

It shows the universities that cover the ECAT entry test, mainly UET (University of Engineering & Technology Lahore) and it's affiliated universities like Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


Top Universities that require FUNGAT:

FUNGAT is the entry test that is applicable for FAST, PIEAS, NUST, GIKI, CUI and UET for engineering students. Out-Class helps you identify these universities.

Well, how do you get into these universities? Or more precisely, how do you prepare for ECAT or FUNGAT?


How to prepare for ECAT and FUNGAT?

If you ask your seniors this question, they will likely refer you to big-name academies like KIPS and Unique. While it is true that these academies provided quality education initially, they have evolved to become multi-million rupee business empires. They not only charge hefty fees for ECAT and FUNGAT (PKR 30,000-40,000) and have separate charges for Practice Sessions but their instructor quality also varies immensely over different branches. Just visit any local branch and you’ll know!  

That’s why Out-Class offers you the best preparation for ECAT and FUNGAT. Not only do we have the BEST INSTRUCTORS from all over Pakistan but we also offer our courses at extremely discounted rates with access till the exam date. Additionally, this package includes Live Q&A sessions, Practice Tests, Career Counselling, and Constant Feedback on your performance!!!

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